Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why all the threats

Parshat Va'eira

I am not sure yet, but I think I already have this weeks possible question. Let me know what you think and possible answers.... Here goes..

Hashem told Moshe he would be hardening Pharoahs heart and make Pharoah refuse to let the Jews leave. If Moshe knew that in advance, and he had the experience of seeing Pharoah agree to let them go and then reverse his decision (as happened a couple of times), why did he go through the charades?

Throughout the plagues Moshe approaches Pharoah and demands the right to leave. He uses it as a threat and ultimatum.. Why does he press the point so much? He knows Pharoah is not in control and cannot let them go. So just give it a mention, but why all the threats?

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