Wednesday, March 28, 2007

following instructions

Parshat Tzav

In 8:36 it tells us that Aharon and his sons did as Hashem commanded through Moshe.

Rashi tells us that this tells us the praise of Aharon and sons that they did not divert at all from what Hashem told them to do. Everything was followed precisely.

Why does the Torah have to keep telling us this? This is exactly why they were the leaders rather than other people leading the nation - because they followed Hashem's instructions precisely without mixing in their own preferences.
The Torah keeps telling us how they followed precisely what Hashem said. Ok, we got the point already. Why keep telling us?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

what would you do?

Parshat Ki Tisa

This weeks question for the shabbos table might be:

When Aharion helped them create the golden calf, even though he tried to delay, did he do the right thing or should he have refused?

Had he refused they likely would have killed him, but maybe sometimes one needs to take a stand. Maybe if he was forceful enough he could have been persuasive and maybe they would not have killed him. Later when Moshe talks with him about it we see AHaron making excuses - you know how bad the people are, etc... - maybe he felt guilty and ashamed because he knows he should have refused?

Sunday, March 4, 2007

wiping out Amalek

Parshat T'Tzaveh

This weeks question at the shabbos table:

Are we supposed to remember Amalek or forget Amalek?

The Torah says remember Amalek and what they did but then says to wipe out memory of Amalek. Which is it? Wouldn't wiping out their memory be best accomplished by not talking about them?